The UKAS-accredited environmental testing laboratory at Alphatech specialises in performing temperature, humidity, thermal shock, vibration, shock, bump, drop, ingress protection and salt spray tests, in accordance with the requirements of ISO 17025.

Full details of our capabilities are defined in our UKAS Schedule of Accreditation.

Our specialist team of technicians and engineers ensure that the testing is performed in accordance with the requirements of the appropriate industry standards, or our customer’s own specific requirements, in order to validate the performance and quality of our customers’ products.

The laboratory is located in Haverhill, Suffolk, near Cambridge.

Our customers are welcome to be on site for the duration of the testing and can enjoy complimentary wi-fi and refreshments in a dedicated customer room.

The following provide a more in depth description of the tests that we are able to perform:

Qualmark HALT & HASS

Temperature & Humidity

Thermal Shock

Vibration & Shock

Rough Handling

Ingress Protection (IP)

Salt Spray Corrosion

Altitude & Vacuum

On completion of testing, the deliverables that we provide are in the form of Certificates of Test Conformance or Test Reports.

These documents are provided as evidence that the environmental test detailed in the document was performed in accordance with the requirements of the defined environmental test standard.

The functional performance of the product during the environmental test is the responsibility of our customers to verify, the results of which can be included in the documents, but these results are not included in the laboratories scope of UKAS accreditation.

And these deliverables can be UKAS accredited documents or not depending on the reason for testing.

Testing performed during the design and development stage of a product may not require a full UKAS Test Report as the testing may be performed just to verify design performance.

But once full compliance testing is performed, whether that be to meet industry standards or the customers own requirements, UKAS accredited documents would then be appropriate.

The following are examples of the deliverables that are available.

Example UKAS Certificate of Test Conformance

Example Non-UKAS Certificate of Test Conformance

Example UKAS Report

Example UKAS HALT Report

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