Altitude & Vacuum Test

Altitude testing (reduced pressure testing) is a requirement for most devices that are to be transported or functional at height. The test assesses the integrity and durability of products that frequently operate in such conditions. Our chamber increases the internal pressure to put stress on seals and gaskets but does not control the temperature or humidity.

Knowing a units’ response to a sudden or gradual change in pressure is critical to many devices’ survival. Air transport now being a common method of delivery, compliance with various standards for altitude is very important; especially as the resultant effects of non-compliance has great destructive potential.

We have recently revamped our altitude test chamber with the addition of port-hole access, allowing for units to remain operational during the test. With a set up than can simulate altitudes of up to 70,000 feet we are able to comply with various standards from UN battery transportation BS EN 60068-13 to MIL-STD 810.

Our altitude capabilities include testing to 70,000 ft equivalent for non-operational test items.

Chamber dimensions: 470mm Width x 520mm Height x 470mm Depth.

Note that our capabilities extended beyond our UKAS accreditation. It is important to identify when you need the full UKAS conformance and when you don’t.

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