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Thermal Shock Chambers

Thermal Shock Chambers from world-class manufacturer Aralab


In thermal shock chambers, the extreme simulation of temperature is conducted within two zones of hot and cold. These zones are controlled independently of each other; a single basket product carrier can be moved between these zones, subjecting the specimen to dramatic changes in temperature, thus subjecting the test subject to a thermal shock and thereby detecting flaws.

  • Our thermal shock chambers have a work space volume of 25 litres to 150 litres
  • Temperature range: -75°C to 200°C
  • Basket transition time between zones: 5 to 30 seconds

Features of our Thermal Shock Chambers which all come as standard:

  • Vertical movement of basket with separate hot and cold temperature zones
  • Basket transition utilises a robust electro-pneumatic method
  • Monoblock design with integrated non-CFC Cascade refrigeration system
  • EnviCoM colour touch screen controller
  • Mounted on heavy duty castors
  • Fully vacuumised multi-pane window for condensate free viewing of test subject in both zones

Alphatech is the exclusive agent of Aralab climatic and thermal shock chambers manufacturer from Portugal and the CME environment system from India.

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Aralab Thermal Shock Chambers

Aralab is a company specialized in designing, developing, manufacturing and servicing of high quality Climatic and thermal shock chambers. For more than 25 years Aralab have been perfecting ways to create and control temperature, humidity and many other environmental conditions that respond to the needs of customers all around the world.

The temperature shock test chamber features two independent chambers on the same chassis, with the upper (hot) chamber – heated by electric heaters and air circulation – reaching uniform temperatures of 200°C and the lower (cold) chamber – with dynamic ventilation +/- 2 m/s for homogenization and temperature uniformity – reaching cold temperaturs down to -75°C.

The temperature shock test is carried out by transferring the test specimens between the two chambers through an electro-mechanical lift, with +/- 5 seconds of transfer time. Aralab’s evolution of the mechanical lifting system made possible to eliminate all vibrations on the lifting cradle, making a smooth up and down movement while performing the tests.

Key features:

  • Simple and reliable functioning
  • Two independent (hot/cold) testing areas connected by electromechanical lift
  • Multi-functioning hot and cold testing zones can be used independently
  • Energy saving technology, temporarily cutting of the Hot or Cold zones when not in use during cycles
  • Non-polluting construction and cooling system
  • Equipped with digital touch-screen CLIMAPLUS V controller
  • Reduced investment, low maintenance, reliable and accurate performance
  • Compliant with international standards and requirements EN, IEC, DIN, ISO, NP and UNE

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