Salt Spray

We have a 200 litre and a 1,000 litre chamber enabling us to test a variety of different sized products, as well as standardised test coupons.

The chambers are used for Neutral Salt Spray testing only, which can be either a steady state test or a cyclic test.

Cyclic testing would include phases of salt spray and phases of storage, where the samples would be transferred to a climatic chamber.

Some of the environmental test standards that we test in accordance with are:

  • ASTM B117: Salt Spray (Fog)
  • BS EN ISO 9227: Salt Spray
  • BS EN 60068-2-11: Salt Mist
  • BS EN 60068-2-52: Salt Mist Cyclic
  • MIL-STD-810: Method 509: Salt Fog
  • DEF STAN 00-35: Test CN2: Corrosive Atmosphere

This is not an exclusive list; so if you have requirements to other test standards, please contact us and we will confirm if we can provide a UKAS accredited test to meet your requirements.

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