Temperature & Humidity

Temperature can affect a product in different ways. Electrical components will each have a working temperature range; once this is exceeded the electrical properties change and the circuit can become unstable or cease to function entirely. Materials can also deteriorate over time and age prematurely due to extremes of temperature.

Humid conditions lead to condensation which can cause damage and deterioration of electrical components and aggravate corrosion in contrasting metals.

We provide test environments that simulate temperature and humid conditions which help to ensure your product will survive in transit, storage and its final environment.

We have a large range of climatic (temperature & humidity) chambers for short or long-term testing and these range in size from 200 to 3,000 Litre. Included are high rate of change temperature chambers (up to 20°C/min) and a “walk in” climatic chamber.

All climatic chambers have access to allow functional testing and we also offer additional thermocouples with data logging facilities.

The general specification of our chambers are as follows:

Note that our capabilities extended beyond our UKAS accreditation. It is important to identify when you need the full UKAS conformance and when you don’t.

We are the exclusive distributor and after-sales service provider of Aralab Bio, stability and temperature & humidity chambers and rooms in the UK & Ireland.

See our accreditation schedule and our full list of capabilities for the more information, or alternatively contact us.

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