Vibration Testing

During a products lifetime, there are many stresses that can fatigue or degrade a unit’s integrity. One of the main mechanical stresses influenced on nearly everything is vibration.

Vibrations happen in nearly all environments, from constant flow frequency, to high energy impacts. The ways in which your product reacts and responds to these are integral to its lifetime and reliability. More and more sectors of industry are incorporating requirements for conformity to a standard, for both confidence in the products robustness and performance.

At Alphatech we have the extensive knowledge and expertise that can assist you in completing all of your products environmental testing requirements. Having worked with standards from BS EN 60068, ETSI EN 300 to DEF STAN 00_35, MIL STD 810 and many more makes us more than familiar with a wide spectrum of test requirements. Conforming to test standards is not always straight forward, and our engineers have the experience to make the process much simpler, helping you make sense of what your requirements are, and how to achieve them.

Drop and Shock Testing

Mechanical testing of products also includes drop and shock testing. Our requirement covers a spectrum of drop and shock tests, from our dedicated shock machine, to a variety of drop surfaces. Our goal is to encompass all mechanical testing needs, saving you from the hassel of having to go to multiple test houses for one standard requirements.

With a history of working with such a diverse range of industries, from industrial to consumer, we are confident we can be the tool required for your project completion.

Dynamic Testing

Our dynamic testing capabilities include:

  • Vertical axis shaker vibration for sine, random, sine-on-random and random-on-random
  • Vertical Axis shaker induced shock & bump (half sine, sawtooth, trapezoidal)
  • Drop shock system (half sine)
  • Vibration at temperature
  • Transport – package testing
  • Drop shock testing on to concrete or other surfaces
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