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Aralab designs, develops and manufactures high quality stability chambers that create and control temperature, humidity and many other environmental conditions.

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Aralab is a company specialised in designing, developing and manufacturing high quality stability chambers. For more than 25 years Aralab have been perfecting ways to create and control temperature, humidity and many other environmental conditions that respond to the needs of customers all around the world.

All Aralab Pharma chambers are designed to simulate and reproduce the climatic conditions required by the ICH Q1A guideline for climatic stability and execute data logging according to FDA 21 CFR part 11. The 600 PLHR chamber is also able to perform both the ICH Q1A and Q1B (photostability) with automatic start and stop of the necessary UV and VIS irradiation required.

In compliance with all international requirements, the standard accessories for Aralab Pharma chambers include IQ, OQ, PQ and MQ qualifications; FDA 21 CFR part 11 compliant controller and software, and ISO 17025 calibration.

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FitoClima 600 & 1200 Stability Chambers

If your work depends on climatic stability or photostability tests, either on pharmaceutical, cosmetics or food products, here is why Aralab Fitoclima 600 & 1200 Stability Chambers can improve your life:

  • Ready to use. No assembly needed
  • Minimal footprint, for efficient use of laboratory space
  • Future proof design. The interior can be reconfigured at any time for the most efficient use of the available storage space and content dimensions
  • Content protection, with configurable high / low temperature and humidity alarms and automatic email notifications
  • Remote diagnostics, allowing a fast and accurate technical support
  • FDA 21 CFR part 11 compliant software
  • Compliant and recognised by ICH, FDA, GMP and other leading industry standards
Download Aralab Fitoclima 600-1200 brochure

Technical Data

Temperature Range [1] -5°C to 45°C
Temperature Precision ± 0.5°C
Temperature Uniformity ± 1.0°C
Humidity Range [1] 35 to 95% rH
Humidity Precision ± 1% rH
Humidity Uniformity ± 2% rH
Shelves (Standard Configuration) [2] FitoClima 600: 4 stainless steel wire shelvesFitoClima 1.200: 8 stainless steel wire shelves
Standard Wire Shelf Size 630mm x 520mm
Storage [2] 0.33m2 and 18 Kg weight load (per shelf)
Storage (Standard Configuration) FitoClima 600: 1,33 m2 FitoClima 1.200: 2,67 m2
Airflow 0.2 m/s uniform across the shelves 600 and 1.200 liters
Internal Volumes 600 and 1200 litres
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Aralab FitoClima Walk-in Stability Rooms and Storage

Aralab FitoClima Stability Rooms provide the environmental control and storage flexibility to meet the evolving needs of customers throughout the years. Benefits include:

  • Climatic conditions controlled with consistent precision through the years
  • Pre-configured with shelves designed to provide an efficient use of the internal volume
  • Adaptive future proof design, with height adjustable trays and shelves that are easy to insert or remove depending on storage needs
  • Content protection features, with configurable high / low temperature and humidity alarms and automatic remote notifications
  • FDA 21 CFR part 11 compliant software
  • Compliant and recognised by ICH, FDA, GMP and other leading industry standards
  • IQ, OQ, PQ and ISO calibration documents
Download Fitoclima Stability Room Brochure

Technical Data

Temperature Range [1] 15°C to 45°C
Temperature Precision ± 0.5°C
Temperature Uniformity ± 1.0°C
Humidity Range 35 to 90% RH
Humidity Precision ± 1% RH
Humidity Uniformity ± 2% RH
Shelves [2] Shelves with 5 levels each. Anodized aluminium structures with polyethylene trays. Storage capacity will vary with final implementation layout and number of levels on each rack
Approximate Storage Capacity [3]
– FitoClima 5,000 10 m2
– PH FitoClima 12,000 19.5 m2
– PH FitoClima 25,000 PH  32 m2
Light Recessed LED lights installed at the ceiling. Light can be operated by manual switch, triggered by door opening or controller integrated (programmable)
Airflow Velocity Can be adjusted by set-point % on the controller
Internal Volumes [4] Ranging from 5.000 to 25.000 liters
[For notes see PDF Download above]


Common Applications

Common applications include:

  • ICH Stability Testing
  • Pharmaceuticals Food and Beverages
  • Cosmetics
  • Veterinary
  • Storage and Conservation
  • Quality Control and Research

Please click on the video to the left to watch a short presentation of Aralab stability and photo-stability chambers and their features.

Controllers and Software

ClimaPlus Touchscreen Controller

Easy to use touch-screen interface with graphical representation of programs and all environmental variables.

Controls every environmental variable available for any specific FitoClima model (Temperature, Humidity, Lights, Airflow, CO2, Dewing, Irrigation and connected external devices)

Friendly program editor for creating 32 programs of 24 segments each, allowing the design of complex and comprehensive climatic simulation programs

FitoLog Software

FitoLog: Displays and records in real time all the operating data and chamber details in a file. It also informs of any errors, alarms and allows the configuration of alerts, which may be sent by Email or SMS to report the condition of the equipment or warnings of alarms.

FitoLogView: A working tool to process the data retrieved with the FitoLog. You can view, print and export to other file types, and analyze the data in other programs (Excel, Access or others).

FitoProgram: This application allows the configuration of test programs on the computer and its upload/integration on the chamber controller trough a wireless or wired connection.