The Company

Marks & Spencer’s began in 1884 when Michael Marks opened a market stall in in Leeds. The company as it is known today started to take shape in 1894 when Michael Marks entered into a partnership with Thomas Spencer, eventually opening their first shop in 1904.

Over the course of the 20th Century, M&S became a public limited company, opened their research laboratories for fabrics and food technology department to work closely with suppliers, producers and farmers. M&S made a reputation for itself as one of the leading UK supermarkets.

Alphatech’s Involvement

Marks and Spencer proved to be an interesting project for Alphatech. This project specified a conditioning cabinet that was able to reproduce sunlight-like conditions on textile products, this meant that Alphatech had to conduct further research into finding light bulbs that would meet the demands.

Alphatech were able to meet these specifications through the supply of D65 fluorescent lamps that were easily installed as part of the cabinet. The final Aralab 600PLH Textile Conditioning Cabinet is able to provide controlled temperature, humidity and daylight illumination.

In June 2019, Alphatech conducted a full installation and commissioning of the cabinet at Marks & Spencer’s office. Alphatech’s professional sales team were also able to provide customer training on the same day and, as with every customer, provide full after care support.