The Client

Established in 1907, Imperial College London is internationally renowned as one of the best universities for excellent teaching and research.

The university is associated with a number of scientific breakthroughs such as the discovery of penicillin, the development of holography and the foundations of fibre optics.

Notable alumni include Sir Alexander Fleming, H.G. Wells, Brian May CBE, Dame Sally Davies and Professor Robert Winston, to name but a few.

Alphatech’s Involvement

Back in January of 2019, Alphatech installed and commissioned an Aralab Bio PLH 600 litre cabinet for the Department of Chemistry.

This chamber is used as a Plant Growth Cabinet with CO2 control & monitoring system, water treatment unit, 20 litre external DI water tank supply with additional light shelf and FitoLog Software.

Alphatech are proud to have developed a good business relationship with this outstanding university.

Take a look at the video below to see the chamber in action: