The University

The University of Oxford is widely known as one of the most prestigious and famous Universities in the world. Alumni from this University include historical figures such as Sir Walter Raleigh, Professor Stephen Hawking, Professor Richard Dawkins, Sir Tim Berners Lee and 27 of the UK’s Prime Ministers.

The University itself is overseen by four academic divisions; Medical Sciences, Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences and Humanities and Social Sciences.

The Zoology Department, one of a hundred academic departments, is overseen by the Mathematical, Physical & Life Sciences division.

Alphatech’s Involvement

Alphatech successfully delivered, installed and commissioned an Aralab entomology cabinet (with vertical light configuration) at the University of Oxford. Feature of the Aralab 600 PLHV Bio chamber include vertical lights allowing precise and reproducible control of temperature, humidity and light intensities.

This type of chamber is suitable for:

  • Seed development and germination
  • Insect rearing
  • Algae growth in flasks
  • Small plants
  • Tissue culture

In this type of cabinet it is possible to have more shelves vertically (max 8 shelves) as a result of having lights on the sides. The growth area with 5 wire shelves are around 1.65 m². There are 8 white LED bars (4 on each side) with light intensity up to 300µmoles/m²/s-¹

Alphatech are proud to have developed a positive business relationship with such a prestigious University and department. We wish all the Zoology Department the best of luck with their projects and hope the chamber provides support to the researchers in the scientific endeavours.

See the video:

Take a look at the video below to see the chamber in action: