UK & Ireland Distributor for

Corrosion Test Instruments

C&W manufactures salt spray test instruments and cyclic corrosion chambers.


Alphatech is a distributor and after-sale service provider for Industrial Physics’ specialist testing brand C&W in the UK & Ireland.

C&W is a pioneer in the manufacture of accelerated corrosion and environmental test cabinets. Their range of Salt Spray Cabinets are widely used to test the corrosion of components and coated test panels, trusted by customers across multiple industries such as automotive manufacturing, paint and coatings, electronics, aerospace, military, offshore and more.

The innovative design of their salt spray cabinets ensures that they meet or exceed the requirements for all major national, international and corporate standards.

C&W are at the forefront of corrosion testing and precise environmental test conditions, and are trusted for their reliability, ease of operations and robust design.

Download C&W Salt Spray Cabinets Brochure