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Plant Growth &
Controlled Environment Rooms

Aralab specialises in designing, developing, manufacturing and servicing high quality Plant Growth chambers


For more than 25 years, Aralab have been perfecting ways to create and control temperature, humidity and many other environmental conditions that respond to the needs of customers all around the world.

They offer an extensive range of multi-tier, single-tier and reach-in rooms and chambers as well as specialist Arabidopsis growth chambers.

FitoClima 600 & 1200 Bio Plant Growth Chambers

Recreate temperature and humidity with exceptional precision and uniformity. Program day / night and dusk / dawn cycles with dimmable lighting systems.

Choose the most suitable light types and shelves for your research needs.

Easily program conditions through ClimaPlus: a user friendly color touch-screen interface. Monitor and manage programs and data with the FitoLog® software suite.

Rely on Aralab expertise and prompt support for any information or assistance.

Suitable also for Arabidopsis.

Download FitoClima 600 & 1200 Brochure

FitoClima PLH Multi-Tier Plant Growth Rooms

FitoClima ‘PLH’ walk-in plant growth rooms with sizes ranging from 5,000 liters of internal volume, up to 25,000 litres or custom designed dimensions specially developed for plant sciences.

With total control and great uniformity of environmental conditions, these chambers can simulate temperature, light, humidity, CO2 and even wind in order to replicate all conditions your research may require.

Multi-tier growth modules with height adjustable shelving allow for small to medium plants to grow under the most suitable lighting solution.

Easily program all conditions with ClimaPlus: a user friendly color touch-screen interface.

Suitable also for Arabidopsis

Download Multi-Tier Plant Growth Room Brochure

Controllers and Software

ClimaPlus Touchscreen Controller

Easy to use touch-screen interface with graphical representation of programs and all environmental variables.

Controls every environmental variable available for any specific FitoClima model (Temperature, Humidity, Lights, Airflow, CO2, Dewing, Irrigation and connected external devices)

Friendly program editor for creating 32 programs of 24 segments each, allowing the design of complex and comprehensive climatic simulation programs

FitoLog Software

FitoLog: Displays and records in real time all the operating data and chamber details in a file. It also informs of any errors, alarms and allows the configuration of alerts, which may be sent by Email or SMS to report the condition of the equipment or warnings of alarms.

FitoLogView: A working tool to process the data retrieved with the FitoLog. You can view, print and export to other file types, and analyse the data in other programs (Excel, Access or others).

FitoProgram: This application allows the configuration of test programs on the computer and its upload/integration on the chamber controller through a wireless or wired connection.