Environmental and Temperature
Chambers for Battery Testing

Aralab is a company specialised in designing, developing, manufacturing and
servicing of high quality climatic chambers and controlled environment rooms.

TESTA BT – Environmental Chambers for Battery Testing

As advances in technology drive the proliferation of portable devices and electric vehicles, the need for high-performing and reliable batteries has never been more crucial.

Aralab’s environmental chambers provide a controlled environment, emulating the diverse temperature and humidity conditions that batteries may encounter throughout their lifecycle. As such, Aralab offers an optimized range of battery testing solutions in line with the EUCAR hazard levels, ensuring safe, reliable, and sophisticated testing for energy storage systems.

We provide both standard and tailor-made solutions, putting an emphasis on planning and creating individual systems that adhere to your specific application needs. Each chamber can be equipped with a variety of safety measures based on your internal hazard analysis, complying with the EUCAR Hazard Level classifications.

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Rechargeable Lithium Batteries

Rechargeable Lithium Batteries became the choice energy storage for portable electronic devices, appliances, electric bicycles, vehicles, military equipment, etc. Reliability and safety become crucial. The batteries must perform well in hot and cold conditions, while not posing a hazard due to leaking or exploding.

Published standards by IEC, SAE, UL, and UN specify environmental tests like temperature cycling, heat resistance, thermal abuse and short circuit while hot.

Because failure during testing can produce hazardous results, these test chambers will require proper safety features and considerations.

During the thermal tests, battery malfunctions may occur that can lead to the destruction of the batteries. For this reason, safety in the laboratory and protection of the staff during such tests must have the highest priority.

Aralab TESTA chambers for Battery Testing can offer safety systems / devices which comply with the EUCAR Hazard Levels. The Hazard Levels safety equipment can be adapted according to customer specifications. Based on your own testing needs and safety requirements, Aralab can help with the required safety options to create a comprehensive security system.

EUCAR Hazards & Description

EUCAR assigns the hazard levels shown in Table below to an electrical energy storage systems technology based on that technology’s response to abuse conditions. Manufacturers and integrators may find it useful to consider these EUCAR Hazard Levels when evaluating the abuse response.


When conducting tests on electrical storage devices, the optimal choice for superior protection of individuals, test specimens, test equipment, and the laboratory environment is Aralab’s range of trusted climatic and temperature chambers. These chambers are easy to operate and available in a range of test space volumes from 40 to 2,000 litres, with a broad selection of standard accessories to choose from.

Safety Devices: Examples in Testa 500 EC-45 BT

Bigger Testing Space or Other Specific Requirements?


If you find that standard test chambers don’t meet your size needs, or your testing requirements demand a custom solution, Aralab provides you with an extensive range of options. As a comprehensive solution provider, we engineer and build testing chambers and rooms from walk-in test chambers to vehicle-sized test rooms, allowing for expansive testing space. Furthermore, our portfolio expands to include test systems for solar radiation, temperature shock, ATEX protection chambers, vibration tests, and multi-axial shaker tables (MAST).