We have a large range of climatic (temperature & humidity) chambers for short or long term testing, ranging in size from 20 to 3,000 Litre. Included are climatic chambers, high rate of change temperature chambers (up to 20°C/min) and a “walk in” humidity and temperature (climatic) chamber.

Typical specifications include:

  • Temperature range: -70ºC to +180ºC (fluctuation better than ±1ºK)
  • Humidity range: 10% to 98% RH (fluctuation 1% to 3% RH)
  • Available sizes: 20, 80, 120, 225, 300, 500, 540, 1000, 1500, 3000 litres (workspace volume)
  • Remote programming options

All of our climatic chambers have the following features as standard:

  • Touch screen controller
  • Either direct vaporisation or dew point bath humidification system
  • Viewing window
  • Mounted on heavy duty castors for ease moving to another location
  • Adjustable and removable shelving

Alphatech is the exclusive UK agent of Aralab climatic chambers manufacturer from Portugal and CME environment system from India.

Cold Storage Testing


From supermarkets to restaurants, refrigerated display cabinets are essential for keeping food fresh and safe. Aralab’s walk-in test chambers are designed for assessments under the ISO 23953-1:2015 standard and excel in cold storage solutions testing. With precise temperature and humidity control, plus optimized airflow, our environmental test rooms facilitate comprehensive and reliable testing of refrigerated [...]

Cold Storage Testing2023-08-29T13:05:13+01:00

Aralab TESTA 1000 Solar Radiation chamber


 In a warming world, it more important than ever that manufacturers test their products for the effects of prolonged exposure to sunlight. Designed to simulate temperature, climatic conditions, and irradiation, the TESTA 1000 Solar Radiation chamber provides insights into how products react under various sun, humidity, and temperature conditions. Equipped with a 2500W lamp [...]

Aralab TESTA 1000 Solar Radiation chamber2023-08-29T13:02:10+01:00
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