IPx9K testing, as prescribed in DIN 40 050 part 9, was initially developed to simulate the use of pressure washer steam cleaning in the Automotive industry. It is recognised as the harshest of all ingress protection tests. However the requirement is becoming more prevalent across other industries.

Which product have Alphatech tested?

Some examples of the products that we have subjected to IPx9K testing are Engine management systems, exterior LED lights, display enclosures and HV connectors.

This test chamber is ideal if your product has the need for enclosures to withstand industrial cleaning procedures. Contact us for more information.

The attached video presents the test chamber in action.

What are the test requirements?

The unit under test is subjected to high pressure (80 – 100 bar), high temperature (+80°C) water jets at a flow rate of 14 – 16 L/min.

The test nozzle is held at a distance of 100 – 150 mm in each of four positions (0°, 30°, 60° & 90°) and the UUT is sprayed for 30 seconds in each position whilst rotating on a turntable at a speed of 5 rpm.