Standard Features

  • Entry Level Rapid Testing System provides combined Environment Accelerated Testing:
  • Rapid Thermal changes from +200° C to -100°C
  • Six Degree of Freedom Repetitive Shock Vibration Portable for easy movement between departments
  • Easy to use with pre-set programs & remote monitoring (Ethernet/WiFi options available)
  • xLF2 Vibration Table with PSD Management
  • Quiet, vibration-isolated system

Options & Accessories

  • QDaq Data Acquisition
  • Spectrum Analyser
  • PC with HawQ Manager
  • Software HawQ Manager Software
  • Basic Fixture Kit
  • PCA Fixture Clamps
  • O2 Sensor
  • Dewar Kit
  • Multiple Dewar Kit

Thousands of companies embrace combined environment accelerated testing that includes vibration (typically on an ED Shaker) and thermal testing, to rapidly improve the reliability of their electronic product designs. Conducting this practice early is most beneficial, as reliability can most easily be improved early in the development process.

Qualmark’s new Portable Rapid Testing System takes this to a whole new level. HawQ preys on and exposes failure points, and screams through thermal testing in a fraction of the time of traditional thermal chambers. This leading edge system allows you to conduct rapid testing with thermal change rates of 40°C/min from -100 to +200°C! By maximizing the thermal cycles performed in 24 hours, you slash your testing time! Time is money, and HawQ will help you save it! But not just that, HawQ also delivers Six Degree of Freedom vibration at the simple push of a button. By utilizing the ultimate combined environment of rapid thermal changes plus vibration, your designs will fly through reliability testing.

“Through this process, we have improved first-pass success during subsequent MIL-STD-1540 qualification testing, reduced the number of problems once in production, and improved… performance. These results are vitally important to our profit bottom line, plus they improve customer and insurance provider confidence in our ability to introduce new technology successfully.” [White Paper by Brian Kosinski & Dennis Cronin, Space Systems/Loral].

HawQ is a cost effective, portable solution that is available for purchase or lease to utilize in, or near, product development groups. The Portable Rapid Testing System provides an easy to use solution with Ethernet/WiFi options to allow for remote monitoring by development teams, and is a quiet, vibration-isolated system for virtually all development teams, R&D, Reliability, and University Labs.

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