We at Alphatech are delighted to inform you that we will be holding a 1-day HALT/HASS application training seminar on Thursday June the 1st at our fully-equipped training facilities within our main office in Haverhill near Cambridge.

This seminar will cover information about HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Test) and HASS (Highly Accelerated Stress Screen) theory while introducing the Qualmark equipment. Topics range from how to define and setup HALT, fixturing techniques, mechanics of performing HALT (including report writing), recommended equipment and supplies, and how to transition to HASS.

The outline of topics to be covered is as follows:

Introduction to HALT

  • Background and theory
  • Understanding goals of HALT
  • Integration with product life cycle
  • Integration with reliability programs

Equipment and Materials

  • Recommended lab equipment and materials
  • Importance of data acquisition and product response
  • Product functional test requirements

Fixturing Techniques

  • Key principles of product fixturing for vibration and temperature
  • Placement of product on the vibration table
  • Recommended methods and tools for fixturing
  • Fixturing examples

HALT Process

  • Recommendations regarding sequences of stress
  • Recommendations regarding dwell times/step sizes/number of loops
  • What to do when failures occur in HALT

Introduction to HASS/HASA

  • HASS, the next step in the accelerated reliability process
  • Basic HASS theory
  • Proof of Screen development
  • HASS fixture considerations
  • HASS implementation locally and in the supply chain


Course Agenda


  • Qualmark Intro and HALT/HASS Overview
  • About Qualmark
  • What HALT & HASS Are and How They Work
  • Product Strength
  • Preparing for HALT
  • Initial Preparations
  • The Equipment Needed for HALT and HASS
  • Understanding Repetitive Shock Vibration
  • HALT Fixture Design
  • Fixture Techniques for Optimizing HALT
  • HALT Process
  • HALT Process Overview
  • Test Plan and Failure Handling
  • HASS Overview
  • HASS Introduction
  • HASS Integration
  • HASS Fixture Development
  • Proof of Screen


  • Equipment Overview
  • HALT Preparation
  • Product Orientation
  • Fixture Design
  • Functional Test Setup
  • Instrumentation/QDaq

The course will take a full day from 9am to 5pm, including lunch and refreshments. It will be run by a senior reliability engineer, Christopher Laplante from Qualmark Corporation.