Environmental chambers designed to test Lithium Ion batteries for all risk levels. Lithium Ion batteries are now used in an ever growing range of applications including… Mobile phones, personal radios, laptop computers, mp3 players and at the larger end automotive power packs, hybrid car power supplementary power packs and more.Lithium Ion batteries provide significant benefits over other technologies in the right applications however….testing them presents some challenges. EUCAR (EUropean Council for Automotive R & D) is a significant leader in setting standards for Lithium Ion battery using larger power applications found in automotive applications. Part of their concern has centred on creating guidelines for testing Lithium Ion batteries as there are significant risks that need to be considered. EUCAR guides suggest 7 levels of risk associated with battery testing. These risk vary from recovererable and non recoverable battery damage through to leakage risk, fire risk, toxic risk and finally explosive risk. Anyone testing Lithium Ion batteries (even small cells) should consider the risks carefully. Manufacture of environmental test chambers built to comply with the various levels of the EUCAR guidelines must be designed to minimise the risks to life and property when testing. Alphatech's Business Manager recently attended a meeting to review the application of environmental testing on batteries. Information on environmental test chambers designed to carry this type of product testing is available from Alphatech.

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