Rechargeable Lithium Batteries have become the most popular form of energy storage for portable electronic devices, electric vehicles and bicycles, military equipment, etc. Reliability and safety are crucial. The batteries must perform well in hot and cold conditions, while not posing a hazard due to leaking or exploding.

Published standards by IEC, SAE, UL, and UN specify environmental tests like temperature cycling, heat resistance, thermal abuse and short circuit while hot.

During the thermal tests, battery malfunctions may occur that can lead to the destruction of the batteries. For this reason, safety in the laboratory and protection of staff during such tests must have the highest priority.

Aralab’s new Testa BT chamber provides a controlled environment, emulating the diverse temperature and humidity conditions that batteries may encounter throughout their lifecycle. As such, Aralab offers an optimized range of battery testing solutions ensuring safe, reliable, and sophisticated testing for energy storage systems.

We provide both standard and tailor-made solutions, putting an emphasis on planning and creating individual systems that adhere to your specific application needs. Each chamber can be equipped with a variety of safety measures based on your internal hazard analysis, complying with the EUCAR Hazard Level classifications.

Alphatech are the exclusive UK and Ireland distributor for Aralab testing chambers. For more information see our new dedicated battery testing page or contact us on 01440 71470 or for more information about safe battery testing.