Environmental testing and associated industry terms

This glossary is an informal aid and therefore un-audited.

HALT Highly Accelerated Life Testing
HAT Highly Accelerated Testing (similar to HALT but specific to some companies/industries)
HASS Highly Accelerated Stress Screening
AGREE Department of Defense Advisory Group on Reliability of Electronic Equipment
BEST Board Electronic Strife Test
ESS Environmental Stress Screening
HASA Highly Accelerated Stress Audit
LATENT Fault A hidden defect yet to emerge, and that may only emerge in operational service
LN2 Liquid Nitrogen
GN2 Gaseous Nitrogen
NDT Non Destructive Testing
VLSI Very Large Scale Integration (micro chip terminology)
SMT Surface Mount Technology (small electronic component mounting technique)
PTH / NPTH Plated Through Hole (circuit board design feature) / Not-Plated Through Hole
POS Proof of Screen
UUT Unit Under Test (term used mainly in Aerospace and electronics)
EOL End of Line (usually production line)
DVT Design Validation Testing (aka just DV)
PVT Process Validation Testing (aka just PV)
DUT Device Under Test (semiconductor origins)
Torr 133.3224 pascals [1.33324 mbar] used as measurement of vacuum.*

* Please consult a recognised & approved standard for exact conversions.


Other occasionally encountered more general terms.

Many terms exist with entirely different meanings in different industries & technologies e.g. URL in controls engineering generally refers to UPPER RANGE LIMIT. In computing URL generally means UNIFORM RESOURCE LOCATOR.
Most of these terms are not formally defined. They are common use or custom and practice terms that may be interpreted differently in different technology sectors/industries.

URL Upper Range Limit. (instrumentation term)
URL Uniform Resource Locator (computing term)
TPE Total Probable Error. (instrumentation term)
CPI Chemical Processing Industry
PCI Process Control Instrumentation
EPIC Engineer Procure Install Commission
EBIT Earnings Before Interest & Tax (financial)
CAGR Compound Annual Growth Rate (financial)
CAAGR Compound Average Annual Growth Rate (financial)
SPC Sales Profit Centre (financial)
FSD Full Scale Deflection (instrumentation term)
MRO Maintenance Repair/Replace Overhaul (manufacturing industry)
OTIF On Time In Full (usually refers to goods delivery although can apply to other services)
BOOT Build Operate Own Transfer (contractual description)
BOT Build Own Transfer (project financing structure)
TLA Three Letter Acronym 🙂
SCADA Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (controls and instrumentation industry)
HMI Human Machine Interface (controls industry)
MIP Molecular Imprinted Polymers
FBO Fixed base operators (military term?)
CBT Computer based training
RONA Return On Net Assets (financial)
ROTC Return On Total Capital (financial)


If your definition disagrees with any of these, please let us know.