Battery Testing

Manufacturers of Lithium Batteries are required to submit their battery assemblies for testing and comply with the Transport of Dangerous Goods Regulations before they are deemed to be safe for transportation.

Alphatech provide the facilities to perform such testing in accordance with the requirements of the following standards:

  • UN Manual of Test and Criteria for the Transport of Dangerous Goods, Section 38.3
  • BS EN 62133: Safety requirements for portable sealed secondary cells and batteries.

The standards prescribe environmental, mechanical and electrical tests to be performed on both cells and batteries.

The testing will depend on whether the test items are cells or batteries, primary or secondary and also on their capacity and size.

Note that our capabilities extended beyond our UKAS accreditation. It is important to identify when you need the full UKAS conformance and when you don’t.

If you require further information please contact us.

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