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Our corrosion test, salt spray and cyclic corrosion test chambers, are constructed from non-corrosive materials, incorporate an advanced high pressure atomiser to ensure a uniform fine fog, all of our corrosion chambers incorporate our saturator tank with a built in automatic water level controller, designed to meet all relevant standards, it is constructed from a non-corrosive flexi-glass vessel, safety components are pre-installed ensuring continuous unattended operation.


  • User friendly loading thresholds
  • Inbuilt large capacity brine solution tank
  • Saturator tank with inbuilt water level control
  • Precise atomizer for uniform fog
  • Pneumatic loading door lift
  • Air purging facility
  • Time totalizer
  • Cyclic timer
  • Regulators and gauges

Added features of the Cyclic Corrosion Test (CCT) range:

  • Spray header
  • Immersion tank
  • Dry air blower
  • EnviCoM colour touch screen controller
  • Humidity control (optional)
  • Refrigeration (optional)
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We have partnered with Qualmark, who are worldwide leaders within the field of HALT / HASS, to offer a full and comprehensive range of chambers specifically designed to cope with HALT / HASS testing.

Please contact us for further information.